The Picture of Zayn Malik: Chapter Five 

Liam and Zayn take a stroll through the autumn leaves. Liam is still wary of this strangers odd behaviour and their values clash on several levels, but they agree to be tentative friends.

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The Picture of Zayn Malik: Chapter Four 

Liam’s one is not lonely, but two’s a crowd, especially when Zayn becomes his new study partner.

A/N: I promise we’ll get to the good stuff soon! Just got to set it up! ;)

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"the picture of zayn malik updates?"

sure :)

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Hey folks! In honor of the opening of my new store on Spreadshirt, I thought I would do a giveaway!

The grand prize:

  • one hoodie or crewneck of your choice
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For the personalized product, you can choose from an exisiting design or I can make you whatever you like!

Two runners up will receive a t-shirt of their choice.


  • You don’t have to follow me
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Contest ends December 1st. Have fun kids!

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Any demand for an update? 

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The Picture of Zayn Malik: Chapter Three 

Liam goes to his first Intro to Aesthetics course with Harry and Louis, and the stranger is there to confront him again.

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Thanks for reading the new fic! I’d love it if you could tell me what you think of it so far. Thoughts?

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is willing to sell soul to have zayns head between my legs

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The Picture of Zayn Malik: Chapter Two 

Fate works in funny ways. As the mysterious stranger keeps popping up in Liam’s life, his roommates try to convince him that it’s all happening for a reason. But Liam isn’t so sure…

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"OH MY JESUS ASDFGHJKL;. Your Ziam hurts me."

It feels rude to say, “I’m glad,” but I am. There’s more to come. xx

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